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Episode 2 part 10


Leafwin followed by Guard 1 appears before Laerna’s cell.


You have what you want. You know Laerna is innocent. Can we go now?

The Head Guard opens the cell door and Laerna walks out.



Leafwin reaches where his sword should be, but it is still gone. Guard 1 puts an arm on Leafwin’s shoulder before he can move.


The way I see it you have caused us more problems than that.


But he has worked to try and fix all that…


But it all has taken resources from our bandit problem which still threaten the city. If you agree to assist in the ending of it we can let you go unmolested.


And if we don’t?

The Head Guard narrows his eyes.


Then I will make you the most wanted man.

Laerna slaps Leafwin upside the back of his head.


Yes we will assist you with this burden, but first we have to get back to our companions.

ext. Dancing Dove tavern- Evening

Leafwin, now resupplied with weapons, and Laerna walk back to the tavern where an angry Ginco waits leaning against the building.

When he spies them he stands up and walks into the middle of the road. He raises his wand and blasts off an imobalization spell.

Leafwin rolls off to the side dodging it. He rolls to a stand.


What the hell was that for!

Ginco stairs at him shaking his head.


You just couldn’t listen.

End of Episode 2


Episode 2 part 8 and 9

So I will be in Japan for the next two weeks so please have your updates now.



The Head Guard, closely followed by guard one enter back into the cell area. Laerna can’t see them but she can hear them.


Are you sure?


Positive. We definitely don’t have anyone with ears like that in our staff.

They have finally made their way in front of Laerna’s cell.


Well send out a search party, I want him found.

Leafwin coming up from the other direction spies them and jumps that he notices Guard 1, but he continues on trying not to look suspicious by continuing on in hopes of going down the staircase that the two just came up.



Well we don’t have to look far.

The Head Guard looks up and sees Leafwin heading his way. Laerna sees it to and walks to her bars.

Guard 1 Goes back down the stairs he came.

She tries to signal him off but he does not see because he is trying to keep his head down.

When Leafwin is within distance the Head Guard confronts him.



Hold, what is your rank and number guardsman?

Leafwin looks up for the first time and takes in the Head Guard as a threat.

He puts his hand on his sword as a precaution but the Head Guard draws his in one full stroke and holds it level with Leafwin’s neck.

In response Leafwin begins to draw his sword but is stopped by the sword pressed against his back by Guard 1, who came up the stairway that Leafwin took, backed by Guards 2 and 3.


(With quiet anger)

Bane what are you doing?


Rescuing you, what does it look like I’m doing?


Getting your self killed. I have this under control.

The Head Guard steps closer to Leafwin, who still has his sword half drawn.


You know this fool?


(To the Head Guard)


(To Leafwin)

They sent out a guard to find Trell he was going to clear my name…

Leafwin grows pale.


Was he about my height?

Laerna grows pale herself.


Bane what did you do?




The Head Guard grows even more conscious and closer and closer to attacking Leafwin.


What are you two on about?

Leafwin looks over his shoulder and all his past horrible decisions hit him.



I… um… (elvish) road… (elvish).

Laerna finally realizes how bad Leafwin’s common is and leans her head against the bars trying to figure a way out of this.

Guard 1’s sword digs deeper into Leafwin’s back.


What are you on about?

Leafwin panics and draws his sword spinning on Guard 1 knocking the sword out of the way.

He then ducks low allowing the Head Guards sword to fly over him.

Leafwin pushes off the balls of his feet like a track runner and dodges by the Head Guard.


After him!

The three guards run after the fleeing elf as the Head Guard turns back to Laerna with an angry glare.


Leafwin runs down the street, still in full uniform. He has lost the guards but keeps up the pace because he knows that time is of the essence.


Leafwin bursts into the tavern where Ginco, Snarky who is still kind of out of it, and Trell sit at a table eating their midday meal. They start at the sight of him.


(Still angry)

Where have you been Bane?

Leafwin walks right past him, ignoring him, and goes directly to Trell.


(Studdering and out of breath)

Please… come… h… h… help.


Slow down there son, what is wrong?

Leafwin lets out a large breath.


Laerna is captured. They took Laerna… jail…


Well I am sure they made a mistake, she should be able to handle it herself.

Ginco butts in physically as well as verbally.


Why are you dressed like that? What did you do?

Leafwin looks down at his feet.


I messed up… knocked out a guard… please Trell you have to go. Tell them…


Why would you go and do a thing like that?

Leafwin sighs he sees Gico glaring at him with all the anger the teafling can muster.


Because… because…

He knows he can’t tell the bard the real reason so he lies.


(With as much disdain as he can muster)

Because I love her.

Snarky lets out a silent laugh as even Gico did not see that one coming.


Well young love does make you do stupid things. Come let me reunite you two lovers.

Trell starts heading towards the door, Ginco goes to follow.


Ginco you should stay here.


And why is that?

Leafwin has to swallow his pride.


Because I have already caused enough trubble with the guards and I don’t think they would take kindly to seeing an outsider.

Ginco fumes over this for a second.


He’s right you know. Come finish your drink with me.

Ginco grabs Leafwin by his shirt roughly.


(Through gritted teeth)

You better bring Laerna back or so help me I will end you.

Leafwin just returns his angry glare and Ginco lets him go.

Leafwin runs out of the bar after Trell as Ginco watches from his standing position.


Leafwin, still dressed in the Guard uniform, and Trell walk up to the gate where the guards look even more alert than they did earlier.

Right before they are about to walk through, Guards 1 and 2, who are searching the courtyard for Leafwin, spot Leafwin and cry out.


There he is!

Leafwin puts his hand on his sword expecting a fight but Trell puts his hand on top of Leafwin’s stopping him.

Trell shakes his head.


We do this peaceful like.

Leafwin lets his hand down as he is roughly grabbed by the gate guards who twist his arms behind his back.

He offers no resistance as he is handed off to Guards 1 and 2 who proceed to roughly drag him as Trell follows into the Headquarters.


The Head Guard is leaning against the wall absentmindedly inspecting his sword across from Laerna’s cell. Laerna is sitting on her bed with her head against the wall napping.

Both look over to the staircase as they hear the procession of Lefwin and Trell.

The Head Guard straitens and walks over to Leafwin, his sword still in hand.


So you decided to come back, did you?


We found him at the gate with-

Trell bursts forward with full enthusiasm cutting off the guard.


Joseph! Long time no see. Now let me think the last time we ran into each other must have been at the Spring Time festive of 507. My you were a porker then…

Guard 1 and 2 snicker slightly.


Got promoted too I see. Good for you. We need more men like you patrolling our fair streets with all that riff raft about…

The Head Guard tries to hide his embarrassment with a vale of professionalism.




(Ignoring the Head Guard)

My those were the days…



Trell looks at the Head Guard and stops talking.


Trell please, there is an important matter we have to attend to.

He gestures to Leafwin and Laerna.


Oh yes, the young lovers.

Laerna flashes a shocked look but hides it just as quickly.


I heard you had some stuff stolen from you recently.

Trell takes off his cap and scratches his gray balding head before he replaces it.


Sure thing. This nasty lot jumped me a day or so past and these two along with two other kind folk got it back for me.

The Head Guard walks over to Leafwin who is still being held. He grabs Leafwin’s sword and pulls it out. Leafwin tries to fight against his captures but is held firm.


That doesn’t explain why this idiot broke into my jail or how he came by that uniform.

Leafwin holds a venimes glare.


Speak boy, speak!

The Head Guard points Leafwin’s sword at his throat.

Laerna speaks up.


He was stupidly trying to rescue me. You know how love makes you do stupid things.

The Head Guard removes the sword from Leafwin’s throat as Leafwin shoots Laerna a look and mouths the words “We need to talk”.


Ah yes, the impetuousness of youth. I was young and in love once…

The Head Guard cuts Trell off before he can get monologueing again.

HEAD Guard

That does not answer the question about the uniform.

Leafwin glares at the Head Guard.


Let Laerna go first.


(He explodes with anger but then subsides)

Now listen here! Where you got that uniform?

Leafwin’s gaze does not falter.


Laerna first.



Both the Head Guard and Leafwin look at Laerna.


Bane just do it. I will be fine.

Leafwin glares at her but nods slightly.

Cut to:


Leafwin leads Guard 1 and 2 to the still knocked out Guard who is just where he was left.

Guard 1 picks up Leafwin’s real cloths and shoves them at Leafwin. Leafwin looks down at the cloths in his arms and back at Guard 1 who nods.

Leafwin sighs and drops his cloths. He then begins to unbutton the guard shirt slowly.

Cut to:

Episode 2 part 5

Cut to:

Int. Dancing Doves Tavern- Night

The bar is dimly lit and looks eerily familiar to the Raven Tavern. LOCALS sit at tables and stand around the bar drinking after a long day of work in the field.

They watch Trell as sits on a bar stool against the far wall from the bar. Trell sings epic ballad as Snarky and Ginco walk in.

Trell nods in their direction, but continues singing. They stand in the back and watch till Trell is finished.

Ginco is moved at the end of the song and claps the loudest in the tavern.

Ginco and Snarky make their way over and wait for Trell’s admires to dissipate before they speak to him.


That was fantastic. Absolutely amazing.


Thank you young teafling. Were you successful in your quest?

Snarky produces the bard’s bag which contains the lire as well as many protruding music sheets.


Of course, but you wouldn’t believe it. There were the bandits all right but hey had his huge red dragon with mighty claws. And…

Ginco and Trell give Snarky a disapproving look.


You should probably leave storytelling to the professionals, Snarky.


We got your stuff back without spilling a drop of blood.

Trell looks surprised.


That’s fantastic, you must tell me more. But first allow me to buy you men a drink.

The three walk over to the bar where Trell puts some coins down on the bar.


Say where is Laerna and that other one… say I can’t remember his name.



That is because he did not give it. Though he apparently goes by Bane.

The BARTENDER, an unassuming quiet man in a dirty apron, sets three mugs down on the bar before them.

Snarky snatches his up and begins to drink heavily.


So I guess those two are off somewhere celebrating.

Trell’s eyebrows go up and down on the word “celebrating” implying that he believes that Leafwin and Laerna have gone off to have sex somewhere.

Snarky spit takes at this and begins choking on the ale that has gone down the wrong way.

Ginco pounds him on the back but that just knocks Snarky over triping Ginco on the way down.

Whatever was caught in Snarky’s throat is certainly knocked out as Ginco falls right on top of him in an awkward position.

As if their luck could not get worse, Laerna followed by Leafwin, enter the bar and stumble upon this scene.


I can’t leave you two alone for a minute can I.

Ginco scrambles to get off his friend and dust himself off. He looks releaved to see Laerna but notices that Leafwin is there too and shoot him a dirty look.

Leafwin pays Ginco no mind as he is slowly becoming overwhelmed by all the noise in the tavern and is gradually becoming catatonic.


Laerna great to see you in one piece.

Laerna crosses to him.


I heard you did it without killing anyone, truly a hero’s tale.


Well it was less of me and more of Bane…

She looks back at the now catatonic elf who is covering his ears with his hands trying to block out the noise of everyone talking.



Laerna walks back to him and reaches out as if to put a hand on his shoulder.

However, she trips and knocks Leafin backwards but even in this state he is able to catch himself on the bar in a back bent position.

Laerna is not as fast and lands chest first on Leafwin’s face.

Leafwin turns beet red and shoves her off and runs out of the tavern; the door swinging behind him as he runs off into the night.

Ginco burst out laughing.

Laerna recovers and tries to go out the door after Leafwin, but when she looks out at the street he is nowhere to be found.

Laerna rushes back into the bar.


(In a rush)

Ginco come on we have to go after him!


That’s great, but what are we going to do about him?

Ginco steps aside to reveal Snarky who is still laying where he fell on the floor.


Is he dead?

As in response Snarky rolls on his side and lets out a snore.

Laerna sighs.


Fine lets get him into a bed.

Laerna grabs Snarkys wrists as Ginco grabs his ankles.


Ready on three… three.

They lift the dwarf up and proceed to awkwardly move him up the stairs, with hunched backs.


At the top of the stairs they find a hallway lined with wooden doors leading into bed rooms.

They come upon the first one and Laerna lets go of one of Snarky’s arms to open it up, before she immediately closes it.



She picks back up Snarky’s arm and they continue on to the next room, which they find open.


The room is small and simply laid out with a large bed with thread bare sheets against the back wall and a small fireplace.

Ginco and Laerna carry the still passed out Snarky between them and drop him on to the bed in an undignified manor.

Ginco mockingly bows and gestures towards the door.


Shall we?

Episode 2 part 4


Well that went well. I don’t suppose either of you know how to navigate out of a forest?


I say good riddance. We don’t need anyone we can’t trust.


I agree but that does not mean that Leafwin was not useful. Not to mention the fact that Snarky is right.

Ginco turns to Laerna.


So we buy a compass and a map, a least we don’t have to worry about them insulting us.


I agree that was out of line, but it seems like he has not been around people in a long time.


That is no excuse for calling me a demon!

Snarky is now eating the cooked rabbit with the arrow still in it while sitting on a log, observing this interaction.


Technically you are… at least part.


(Getting squeaky with rage)

That is not the point!

Laerna puts a hand on Ginco’s shoulder in an attempt to be comforting.


Ginco calm down. I’ll go talk to him about it. Do you think that it would be possible to come back?



If he stops being raciest.

Laerna sighs and turns in the direction that Leafwin ran off in.


Fine. Why don’t you to head back into town and deliver Trell his stuff; I think it was back in that direction. Meanwhile, I’ll go find our troublesome elf.

Ext. Deeper in the Forest- Day

Leafwin walks with anger deeper into the forest. He hears Laerna’s clanking chain mail coming after him but he pays it no mind and continues.


Bane wait.

He does not. He continues walking into a small clearing up ahead. When Laerna steps into the clearing she calls out to him again.


Please, Bane.

She is breathing heavily now.

Leafwin stops but does not turn around.

Laerna hunches over her hands on her knees as she tries to catch her breath.


We can work this out there…


(Cutting her off)

There is no need to pretend you are winded in front of me half-breed I know the elf in you makes you strong.

She straitens up and breaths normally.


I… a… how did you know?

Leafwin begins marching off again.


(Calling after him)

No wait. Please we need you.

Leafwin stops again.



Yes, but I don’t need you.

Laerna seems taken aback by that but presses on.


You are lying. As an elf you know there is safety in a group.

Leafwin spins around to face her.


Yes but not when there is a teafling!

Laerna is taken back by his response.


You are so willing to trust your life to a demon. Aren’t you cleric types all about the light and stuff like that?


Ginco is a good companion and Ioun is about knowledge and not holding on to grudges of the past.


And yet with that knowledge you would trust the child of a demon!

Laerna’s elven temper starts to rise.


And yet I know more about him than I do you, Bane. You who hides their identity as well as their past.


(Coldly in elvish)

There is safety in ignorance.


(In elvish)

And yet you would judge others who have done nothing.


His appearance causes problems. Those horns will bar us from any town, or did you forget what happened in Almsforth.

Laerna looks down at Leafwin’s bandaged right hand.


And my guess is that your hand will do the same.

Leafwin moves his right hand out of view.

His anger rises and he slowly slips his hand to his sword hilt.


Do not compare me to that devil horned baby eater!


(In elvish)


Laerna has lost it and can take no more of Leafwin’s insults to her friend.

Laerna taps her staff twice on the ground, causing a bright light to burst out of the crystal at the other end, as Leafwin draws his sword.

Leafwin is blinded and raises his arms to his face to shield them from the light.

Laerna takes this opportunity to charge him and with her staff knock the sword out of his hand. She then hits him over the head, causing Leafwin to drop to a knee; which she then sweeps out from under him with her staff.

Laerna stands over the dazed elf and rips off the cloth from his right hand. There she sees Leafwin’s branded skin, with the mark of an oval with two swirls inside it and a line going though it all.

In shock at what she has seen Laerna stumbles back dropping her staff.

Leafwin manages to recover and slowly begins to rise to his feet rubbing his head.


By the look on your face, you know what this means.

Laerna attempts to back up slowly and away from Leafwin.


That you are a convicted murder. That you should not be alive.

Leafwin walks forward and with an angry calm pick up his fallen sword.


You should have been executed.

Laerna’s backing up has led her against the trunk of a large tree. She cannot move off of it for Leafwin is now uppon her with his sword to her throat.


Please now that I know, let me help. I won’t tell anyone. Just tell me why?

Leafwin pushes his sword harder against her throat. She impulsively flinches back but holds her ground.


You need to learn when too much knowledge is a bad thing.


You must have had a reason for doing it?


No it is better you think that I am a ruthless killer and frankly shouldn’t you be worrying about yourself.

Laerna looks directly into Leafwin’s eyes.



Why I am holding all the power here.

Leafwin is slightly taken back by this. He tightens his grip on his sword.


I give you my word that I will keep your secrete.


And your words are meaningless. How do I know that you will not sell me out.


If you want it that way fine. I would have nothing to gain.


Books. Your pressious knowledge.

Laerna laughs slightly, despite her predicament.


Why do you think I am on this journey, I gain no knowledge that way. Besides who would I sell you to?


The elves.



What have the elves ever done for me?

Leafwin thinks about it for a moment.

Laerna uses this hesatation and puts her hand on the blade moving it to the side.


Oh and another thing, if you killed me Ginco would know and come after you. Pick up whatever search for you there was and resume the hunt for you.

Leafwin is stunned on how the tables have been turned. He stands there like a frozen deer. Laerna uses the palm of her hand and slowly pushes Leafwin back and away from her.


Then just let me go. You have lost nothing.


Ah but that is not how this is going to work. You are going to return to this party no matter how you feel about it’s members…

Laerna turns and starts walking back in the direction she came in. Then stops and turns around to face the stuck Leafwin.


And if you try and run off again… There will be no way for you to stop me from telling every guard station on this side of the mountains your location.

Episode 2 part 3

Ext. Forest- Day

The forest is relatively dark, with light filtering down to the mossy floor.

Leafwin moves silently though it a short ways before he spots smoke rising from a campfire in a small camp ground.

He moves closer to investigate; when he is only a few feet away, he climbs the nearest tree with ese.

Leafwin looks down from his crouched perch to see 7 heavy armed BANDITS; one of which is the BANDIT LEADER with two newer members named DOSTER and FLETCHER who hang in the back of the group cooking a rabbit over a fire. Next to some of the bandits is a small satchel with scribbled parchment flowing out of it along with a small lire.


(Whispering to himself)

Found you.


The three of them are still waiting at the edge of the road. Laerna and Snarky are standing, while Ginco is sitting in the dirt drawing designs with a stick into the earth.



When do we know when he’s found them?

Just as he ends this sentence and arrow comes flying from the woods and embeds itself right on Ginco’s drawing in between his legs.


Well my guess is that’s your answer. Come on lets go find our ranger.


Leafwin turns his bow and points it at the roasting rabbit. He fires and it hits its mark, the Bandits look up and spot him.

Leafwin stands still in the tree.


So you like picking on old bards.

The BANDIT LEADER steps forward with open arms.

Bandit Leader

You have us confused sir, we are honest folk.

The rest of the Bandits snicker.


I see, then which of you plays the lire.

The Bandits all look aback at their stolen prize and realize that there is a musical instrument there.

The Bandit Leader drops his right hand down slowly and begins to reach behind him for the knife he has hidden there.

Leafwin lets off his arrow into the Bandit Leader’s shoulder. The Bandit Leader lets out a small cray and steps back.


I wouldn’t do that if I were you.

The rest of the bandits draw arms. As they do Leafwin quickly glances behind him and sees the rest of the party have arrived.

He steps back off the branch and catches himself with his left arm, hanging there for a moment, before he drops in to a crouch.

Bandit 1

Ha you are alone and there are seven of us.

Snarky steps on a branch, he cringes at the sound.

The sound can be heard in the camp.

Leafwin uses this to his advantage.


Am I?

At that moment Ginco is looking at the bandits who he is trying to sneak up on and not where he is walking which causes him to trip over a rock and trip.

He rolls into the camp.


(High squeaky voice)

He’s right you know. You’re srounded. Believe it.

The Bandits laugh at the flustered teafiling.

Leafwin scrabbling to save face fires an arrow at the Bandit Leader’s feet. Aim his bow at the Bandit Leader’s head now.


Leave now and the next one won’t go through your head.

Laerna bursts of to a bush and into the campground with Snarky close behind.


Stop this foolishness!

Leafwin does not move his bow but turns his head to look at Laerna, with a face that screams frustration.


Great a cleric. What are you going to do, religious us to death?

The bandits behind him laugh, except Doster and Fletcher who become anxious.


(With wonder)

Your a cleric of Ioun.

The Bandit Leader turns to him with an angry glare as Fletcher elbows him hard to remind him to stay quiet.


Yes, but that does not mean that I cannot remind you that taking from the weak is not a sign of strength.

Laerna locks eyes with Doster and Fletcher as she sees them waver in their resolve.


So drop your weapons here and we will let you live, you little weaklings.

Snarky then lets out a mighty yell and smashes his hammer against the ground causing a small shock wave to ripple though the camp.

The Bandits take a step back to steady themselves, two fall over, and are slightly phased. Doster and Fletcher lose it and turn tail and run off into the forest.

Leafwin takes this distraction to drop his bow and draw his sword.

He runs and leaps over the fire landing a hair’s breath in front of the Bandit Leader with his sword to his throat.


That was your que to leave.

The remaining Bandits now look as determined as ever to stay and fight. They begin to advance on the party, who readies themselves, but Leafwin pushes harder against the Bandit Leader’s neck with his sword.

The Bandit Leader waves them off with his hand and they run off into the forest till it is just the Bandit Leader being held by Leafwin.


You’ll never get away with this.

Leafwin releases the Leader and as he does pushes him back hard, so that he trips over a log and falls on his butt.


I never do.

With that the Bandit Leader gets up checks his pocket, is releaved that something is still there, and runs off into the forest with a smile.

Laerna breaths a sign of releaf as Ginco finally picks himself up.

Leafwin angerly thrusts his sword back in to its scabbard and picks up his bow. He marches over to Ginco, who is now brushing himself off, and gets right in his face.


What the hell was that?!

Ginco displays a quizzical look making Leafwin’s frustration flare.


Here I had everything under control and you come crashing in like a… a… (in elvish) fledgling bird!

Laerna shakes her head for she understood the insult for Ginco did not, but still takes it badly.


(With growing frustration)

I have no idea what you just said, but everything turned out just fine.



No everything did not turn out just fine! You almost got us killed, demon spawn!


What did you just call me?


You put us all at danger!

Ginco’s good nature fails him and he looses it.


Now see here if anyone is putting us at danger it is you! We know nothing about you and yet you claim to have our interests; but you try and leave at every turn.

Leafwin takes a step back.


Knowing nothing about me is what is keeping you safe.

Laerna steps in between them.


Will you two calm down.


Not till he shows us what is on the back of his hand.

Leafwin’s brows knit together.


What? Why?

Leafwin instinctively hides the back of his right hand in the palm of his left.


Clearly he is hiding something something that we should about if he is part of our marry band here.

Leafwin grows dark and he turns his back on them.


Drop it.


Keeping knowledge is the work of Vetna. Revealing and sharing it is the work of Ioun. So I suggest you leave.


He does have a point.



I said drop it, you devil-tailed son of a whore!

Leafwin spins and punches out aiming for Ginco’s face. Ginco is stunned, but Laerna reacts pushing her shoulder into Leafwin’s arm causing it to go wide left.

Leafwin stumbles slightly to that side as Laerna straitens again.



You can deal with me or leave! Those are your two options.

Leafwin tuns picks up his bow from the ground and storms off into the woods.

Ginco turns away as Laerna watches silently as Leafwin goes out of view.

Episode 2 part 2

They continue walking; up ahead a figure appears walking in the same direction they are. This is TRELL the bard; he is dressed in simple breaches and a brightly colored shirt. On his head is a large cap with an even larger feather. He spots the party.


(Calling out ahead)

Who goes there?

Trell stops where he is and the party walks up.


Well it is I.


And who are you?


Well my young elf, I, am Trell the Bard.

Ginco perks up and becomes excited.


Ooo a bard, say where is your instrument.


Funny you should ask I was just robbed of it not a few moments past.

This becomes apparent in that he does appear to be ruffed up and a large bruise resides on his cheek.


I’m sorry to ask, but you don’t seem to preterbed by this.


Well the thing is I’m a bard and as such I know songs. And what I have learned from my songs is that bandits never win for there will always be a hero to defend the weak.


(Under his breath)

Life is too cruel to be like songs.

Laerna tilts her head slightly, conveying that she heard but does not show it.


Well then we will be those heroes.


Wait, wait, wait. This has nothing to do with us. This geezer clearly can offer us nothing in return; so I say we go on our way.

Snarky makes to walk off but is stopped by Laerna grabbing the back of his shirt.


No, Ginco is right the socially acceptable thing is to help someone in need.


Oh thank you, thank you see I knew stories wouldn’t rot my brain. They ran into the woods I don’t know much more than that.


No worries Trell leave it to us.

Trell smiles and starts to head off again.


Well if you find my affects I will be at the Dancing Doves Tavern up in the next town, that can’t be too far ahead now. Good luck to you heroes.

Leafwin shakes his head.


Blind faith like that will get him killed or yet us, we are no heroes.


Oh sure we are come on lets go.

The step off the road and walk to the edge of the forest. Before they go any further, Leafwin stops them.


You guys should probably wait here.





Because tracking in a forest takes stealth and I don’t need a demon and a dwarf-

Gesturing to Ginco and Snarky.


Crashing though it. Not to mention clanky the half-elf.



I do not clank.

The party glares back at her.


Ok maybe a little.

Without another word Leafwin runs into the forest.


Man I really hate that guy.

Episode 2 part 1

Ext. Road- Day

The dirt road is open on either side for five feet before it is met with dense forest. The party walks down the center with nothing behind them but the path they walked and nothing before them but endless miles.


…So then I said to them that is no ordinary worm.

Ginco bursts out laughing at the punchline.


Then what happened.


Well Sneezy got up on the table and started screaming. You should of heard him. (In a high pitched falsetto) Kill it! Kill it!

Gino doubles over from laughter and Laerna joins him; even Leafwin can’t hide his amusement fully.


It sounds like you had some good times with your brothers.

Snarky’s face darkens.


Yah, I guess. But I could never get along with all seven of them at once, you know. One or two at a time but even then they hatted my antics.

Leafwin’s head shoots up as he becomes attentive to something up ahead. Laerna and Ginco notice this but can see nothing.


Leafwin what is it.

Leafwin holds up his hand to indelicate he needs silence as he turns his head slightly to listen.

After a short while a faint song can be heard.


Do you hear it?


Here what?


Shh, listen.