The Darker World


They say that some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. However, in the vampire world this saying takes a darker path. Some are born vampires: the Pure Bloods who run the dark world doing whatever they like, because let’s face it no one can stop them. Some achieve vampire: humans initially who pledge themselves to servitude till that one day when they have been deemed worthy to join their ranks as a lesser being, in the human world they are less than dogs. Finally there are those that have vampirism thrust upon them: only a few fit in that category for this is worse than those that beg at the vampire’s heel, for not only do they no longer belong in their old human world but they do not want to be in the vampire one and they must suffer their anguish all alone.

Now before you ask none of this is secrete. The vampires and humans live in what could be best described as a feudal society despite the fact that it is the 2000s. The Pure Bloods act as kings demanding takes in money as well as blood. Where those humans who decide to give in kiss their feet and try and earn their higher status. Lastly there are those who refuse to give in and try to forget that they live in this oppressive world despite the death, the constant beatings from their vampire superiors, and that fact the fact that they could become food at any moment; they… we, hold on to the past, the hope that we will be able to bring things back into balance where the vampires live in fear of us, but that hope is fading.

But not my resolve, I will fight back with my last breath and never give in. I will steal, lie, and cheat my way through the vampire world till I, as a human, can take them down from the outside…

At least that is what I am going to tell myself as I cower in fear.


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